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​하동 두 마당 집

+ 정금다리 카페

'2016 대한민국 신진건축사대상' 대상

2016  /   06   /   05

Architect: Hoseok Lee, Boyoung Han/ Lee. haan. architects

Location: Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do,

Programme  : single-family house/ cafe

Area: 390.09㎡

Building scope  : house-2F/ cafe-B1,1F

Structure: R.C + Wood, Steel Frame

Exterior finishing  : cement brick, red cedar, zinc

Interior finishing  : Donghwamaru floor, natural paint

Completion: 2014

Construction  : Jang Seokshin

Photograph: Yoon Joon Hwan

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